Outplacement Services Rockhampton and Central Queensland

Outplacement Services Rockhampton & Central Queensland




Outplacement is a service that companies engage to help those employees departing a company to make a successful transition to new employment. The aim is to ensure that employees are supported between jobs and have someone with experience in the recruitment process to mentor them. This person is someone who works with the employee to help them make the most of their skills, experiences and ambitions.

Employers can require outplacement services for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is to support the employees that remain with the business, sometimes it is used to support Human Resources Managers optimise the process if things have not gone well previously, it can be used to assist employees who are made redundant due to business closure, downsizing, business restructure, business merger/acquisition and employees going through large organisational changes. Each situation will be unique and each outplacement service needs to be tailored to suit individual needs.

In trying economic times and times of restructure companies may need to make staff redundant. This is never an easy task and if it is not handled well it can cause lasting damage to your business. Disgruntled employees can damage your reputation within the marketplace. It has been proven over the years that staff that are provided with even basic outplacement help (such as a professional resume service and face to face meetings to develop a job search plan) speak more highly, talk more positively and would happily recommend your business.

At FresHR we can either arrange group education sessions or arrange individual consultations. Part of our process is working with you through the notification process, conducting exit interviews, assisting your staff that remain who may find it difficult to settle back into routine or even help you devise a strategy for the next phase of your human resources plan. We also provide comprehensive reporting to our clients to give an understanding of service outcomes.

You may be thinking that Corporate Outplacement is something that only large companies can afford to provide…but our services can be tailored to meet your needs and your budget.

Services Include:

  • Professional Resume Writing Cover Letters
  • Selection Criteria
  • Job Seeker Workshops Career Coaching
  • Skills Training & Refreshers Candidate Reverse Marketing