Job Seeker Workshops Rockhampton and Central Queensland

Job Seeker Workshops Rockhampton and Central Queensland

Changes to employment can be a daunting experience for both employees and employers. Our tailored Job Seeker Workshops offer Career Transition, Interview Skills, and Internal Selection Workshops to provide you with a fresh perspective and to assist individuals and managers adapt to various changes in the work environment. For businesses our custom workshops can be tailored to encompass many of our structured workshops into a single package to facilitate your outplacement requirements. We can facilitate these programmes at a location suited to you. For individuals we offer scheduled workshops developed to meet your individual situation. Our HR team are committed to offering a professional service and ongoing support and guidance to our clients.

Career Transition – 2 Hour Workshop

The successful re-employment of individuals depends on how well they are prepared to conduct their job search. This highly interactive seminar provides the participants with firm foundations to launch a successful job search campaign.

Program Content

  • Understanding the changing nature of work, assessing skills and accomplishments and setting a career objective
  • Developing a winning Resume
  • Devising successful job search strategies using research and networking effectively


By the end of the programme, individuals are trained and prepared to launch themselves into the job market and conduct an effective job search campaign.

Interview Skills – 2 Hour Workshop

Our Interview Skills Workshop provides practical support and guidance to assist participants through a variety of interview practices and this includes negotiating packages and handling offers to train individuals to:

  • Present themselves positively and enthusiastically and create a good first impression
  • Handle difficult questions with confidence, reduce the number of rejections and negotiate an offer on the win/win principle
  • Secure the right job in the shortest possible timeframe


  • Increases confidence and awareness for individuals
  • Provides a variety of interview techniques and expert guidance
  • Demonstrates commitment to change, by investing in the future of those leaving your business

Internal Selection Workshops

A workshop specifically aimed at individuals who are being redeployed within the organisation or applying for vacancies

internally. The workshop is designed to assist delegates from all backgrounds to apply more effectively for internal job vacancies, equipping them with all the skills and knowledge required to win a new job in the shortest time. These workshops are custom designed dependent on the current organisation. One-on-one workshops are also an option.