Rockhampton Administration Services

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The FresHR team are an experienced professional source of support for your business. We engage a team of qualified HR specialists to deliver our products and our administrative services are tailored to your specific business requirements. We offer a range of administration services from payroll outsourcing to policy development and implementation.

Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll can enable companies to focus on their core business. FresHR will liaise with your client, establishing a payroll timeline that satisfies both company and regulatory requirements. This timeline will act as a guide and dictate appropriate deadlines to ensure a sustainable, effective and efficient payroll process.

On Site & Virtual Administrative Support

Whether you need assistance recruiting staff, have staff on holidays or could use assistance for a few hours a week, we can provide administrative support onsite to ensure your business continues to run smoothly. We have a strong base of professional administrative support workers who are available to you as you require. Many of our services are available online or over email.

Exit Interviews

When employees leave your business it can leave many unanswered questions. Why have they left? What did they enjoy about working in your business? Where do they feel that you, as an employer, could improve your employee relations? These are important questions to know as a business manager. Often exit interviews are not undertaken at all or undertaken by managers that don’t have the experience to get the most out of the process. By engaging a third party to manage your exit interviews you can benefit from a skilled professional system that ensures your departing employees feel comfortable giving honest and open feedback that has the potential to reduce turnover and improve employee satisfaction within your business for the long run.

Policy Development and Implementation

We have a skilled team with backgrounds in HR policy and procedure development and qualified safety professionals to assist you develop and implement new policies and procedures into your workplace. The professional service is supported by administrators and form developers to create all your document requirements. Your consultant will engage your managers and your staff separately to communicate how clear, effective policies and procedures support their respective roles within the workplace.

Other Services

We maintain a commitment to supporting business. We endeavor to evolve our service offering to meet the changing demands of modern business. Our team maintain industry and professional memberships to keep current on legislation and HR trends and best practice. Talk to one of our consultants to see how we can assist you to reach your business goals.