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FresHR selection criteria service conforms to industry best practice for developing tailored responses that will highlight your strengths and convey your achievements.

Selection criteria can be found in every single job advertisment. It will be this criteria or job requirements that recruiters and hiring managers will assess your skills and experience against. Not all job advertisements specify that you MUST address the criteria (as is the case for most government and public positions) however in every job application that you submit you should clearly address these job requirements.

Our selection criteria service is aimed at those applying for positions that MUST address the selection criteria. Our resume and cover letter service should be used for all other applications as your resume writing consultant will address non-essential criteria through a professionally written resume and cover letter.

The FresHR Approach

Each selection criteria is different and will have different requirements to be addressed and different word limits. This can become a time consuming exercise and if written poorly can end up being a complete waste of time.

Your personal consultant will work with you one-on-one to extract all your strengths and achievements that correlate to the selection criteria. They will ask probing questions to ensure that all aspects of your professional life are shown to their full potential. This session will usually last 1 hour.

They will then take all of that information and craft individualised responses to each criteria using the recommended STAR framework or CLF (Capability & Leadership Framework) approach. This will ensure that your selection criteria responses not only meet the guidelines set out by government agencies but also highlight your strengths in the best possible way.

Your consultant will then ensure that your responses are edited to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors and formatted to present a professional selection criteria.

Using FresHR for your selection criteria will give you a competitive advantage over all other applicants. We offer you behind the scenes access to the recruitment process through the services of our skilled recruitment professionals.

Prices are dependent on the specifics of the position guidelines.